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Jim's MAZES, GAMES and SOFTWARE TOYS for kids of all ages.

Visit my Flash Bestiary, a collection of little flash movies that demonstrate actionscript programming.

Visit the Institute of Druidic Technology, the haunts of my alter-ego, Dr. F. E. Tunalu.

Visit the Internet Lie Detector - Fool your friends!

Consult The Mystic Oracle of Batboy

You may enjoy reading the three issues of "The Tiny Lobster," a newsletter I sent out to my friends. I am no longer publishing it, but the blog on my homepage serves the same function.

Peruse the collection of free software I've written.
Multimedia, Magic, Computer Music, Games & More!

Syd is a software synthesis program for the Mac. It's also a great tool for learning computer music.

Check out some "Mirror Morphs" - but only if you're on a T1 line or better.

Pixel Magic is a mathematical image generator for the Mac.

Pixel Magic Image Gallery
Pixel Magic Movie Gallery