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--> Hello, I'm Jim Bumgardner. I'm perhaps best known as the inventor of The Palace, a popular visual chat (or "virtual world") system on the Internet. I am an expert in C++, Java, Perl, Multimedia and the Internet. I can be reached at jbum@jbum.com
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(6/1/00) NEW: I finally added the obligatory links page.
(5/25/00) NEW: I made this card trick for your Palm Pilot - have fun with it!
(11/09/99) NEW: Tod Foley interviewed me for the premiere issue of INCHAT magazine
(8/18/99) The Tiny Lobster -- Issue #3
(8/14/99) Jenna's Picture Gallery
(10/23/98) A tutorial on How to Settle Bets on the Internet has been added to the Research Section.
(10/20/98) The Windows version of Syd, the software synthesizer, has been released.
(7/25/98) Do you... Fuddoo??
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