[ Some Room Ideas for the Mansion server, circa 1/30/95 - jbum ]

Palace Rooms

Terrace - Entrance to the Palace 
	Connected to: Harry's Bar, Blue Room

Harry's Bar - A tavern
	Connected to: Red Room, Slabs (secret)
	Special Props: Drinks of various kinds, cigarettes

Red Room - Cards room offering solitaire, poker, hearts
	Connected to: Chess Room, Harry's Bar, Bijou, 
		Upper Hall (secret)
	Special Props: Cards

Chess Room - A comfortable den with chess tables
	Connected To: Red (Card) Room, Inferno (secret)
	Special Props: Cognac, Cigars

Bijou - A movie theater [ note: later became "Valhalla" - jbum ]
	Connected To: Moor, Card Room, Blue Room
	Special Props: Popcorn

Blue Room - A lounge
	Connected To: Bijou,  Upper Hall

Upper Hall - A hallway with doors to the private rooms
	Connected To: Study, Bedroom, Picnic Tree, 
		Tahiti Beach, Spa, Blue Room

Study - A comfortable private lounge
	Connected To: Upper Hall, 
		Inferno (secret)
	Special Props: Cognac, Cigars

Bedroom - A private bedroom
	Connected To: Upper Hall
Picnic Tree - A private area for picnicking [ note: we canned it - jbum ]
	Connected To: Upper Hall
	Special Props: Picnic stuff

Tahiti Beach - A private beach
	Connected To: Upper Hall
	Special Props: Beach stuff

	Connected To: Cypress Beach, Upper Hall
	Props: Greek garb, bathing apparel

Cypress Beach - A public beach [ note: we canned one of the beaches- jbum ]
	Connected To: Spa
	Special Props: Beach stuff

Moor - The moor from Hound of the Baskervilles
	Connected To: Bijou, Moor

Slabs - Stonehenge meets Century City
	Connected To: Moor, Clouds, Harry's Bar (secret)

Inferno - Fire and brimstone [ note: later became "The Pit"  - jbum ]
	Connected To: Terrace, Harry's Bar, 
		Bastille Square
	Special Props: Horns, Tridents, Devil suits

Bastille Square - for public executions (guillotine) 
[ canned, although Damon eventually did put a guillotine in "Haunted" - jbum ]
	Connected To: Inferno, Gallows
	Special Props: Torches, Clubs

Gallows - for playing "Hangman" [ canned - jbum ]
	Connected To: Bastille Square