Join Us!!

Dr. Tunalu is actively seeking volunteers to participate in the Institute's activities. If you would like to contribute a research article to this website, please contact Dr. Tunalu at the address below. If your article is deemed worthy of publication, you will be personally invited by Dr. Tunalu to participate in our next archaelogical dig, or given a computer science project, depending on your area of expertise.

Note: The Institute has been recently plagued by infiltrators from our rival organization "The Center for Teutonic Science," run by the infamous Dr. Leif Erlichman. It is Erlichman's preposterous claim that the Scandinavian tribes of the north were the originators of the "RUNIX" operating system, which was the OS of choice on most Celtic systems. Dr. Erlichman has even had the audacity to refer to our illustrious founder as "doctor looney tunes," a cheap and ultimately futile attempt at tarnishing Dr. Tunalu's impeccable credentials. Unfortunately because of this sad turn of events, potential contributors will need to sign a waiver indicating that they are not in any way associated with Dr. Erlichman or his Institute.

Contact Dr. Tunalu at