The Obligatory Links Page

For the last few years, I've resisted putting up a list of links to other sites. This is mainly because I think such links should flow naturally from the content of the site itself, rather than being relegated to their own ghetto. Also they're a pain to keep up-to-date.

But nonetheless, I have encountered a few sites of interest; and I now feel compelled to share them with you. If you enjoy this site, there is a good chance you'll also enjoy these other ones.

Furthermore each of the links in this list are linked to each other! Each consecutive site is linked to the previous link by some association, kind of like a URL stream-of-consciousness. I'll leave it to you to discover what that link might be.

Please note that any and all email requests to link to your site will be promptly and courteously ignored.

The Museum of Jurrasic Technology

Athanaseus Kircher Exhibit

Build your own Æloian Harp

The Æloian Interface Project

Lego Robotics Users Group


Enigma Emulator

Rebuilding Colossus

Subliminal Ads?

Ad Critic