Some of the images and movies in this collection are among the most beautiful to me, especially the ones that make use of logarithmic spirals.

Many of these patterns use the polar coordinates d & a.

D is the distance from the center. A is the angle in radians, from 0 to 2*PI.

Chaos Spiral A spiral sin(d+a*3) is increasing perturbed as it gets further away from the center.

Log Blossom The red, green and blue channels each contain a different logarithmic spiral. The overlaps of these spirals cause some pretty color gradients. This is a still from an animated movie.

Log Spiral A logarithmic spiral, created by feeding the log of the distance to the sin() function. The red, green and blue components are out of phase with each other, creating a rainbow effect.

Log Starburst An interference between a radial gradient ( sin(a*8) ) and a logarithmic spiral creates a cluster of bumps, exhibiting a double 9/7 spiral effect.

Pinwheel A basic spiral effect, made by offseting the distance (d) with the angle (a).

Rainbow Spiral The basic spiral is created by using sin(d+a)

The red,green and blue components are 120 degrees out of phase with each other to create the rainbow effect.