This category is a catch-all for images which aren't in the other categories. Actually, most of the images in this collection can be described as "unnatural textures".

Many of the textures in this set can be tiled, and make interesting texture maps for 3D modelling.

Sine Bumps If you do a basic mapping of SIN(X)*SIN(Y) you'll get an interference pattern which looks like bumps. In this case, the red, green and blue components are 120 degrees out of phase, to produce a rainbow effect.

Embedded Circles This images uses the COND() function to screen two different gradients.

Oil Spill This image simulates the irridescent colors seen in a puddle of oil (remember the "fidget" toy?). The noise function is used to perterb a series of concentric rings, produced by SIN(D).

Plaid Bits The basic pattern is the result of the underlying generator (X XOR Y), which is also used to generate a number of the images in the "logic fractals" group.

Random Sphere In this case the distance from the center is used to scale down the result of the random function, creating not actually a sphere of brightness, but a cone.

Sine Argyle The frequencies of a COS(x)*SIN(y) interference pattern (which makes "bumps") are scaled using powers of 2.

XOR Weave The COND() function is used to alternate between two different gradient patterns. The condition used for screening is (X XOR Y) MOD 3.

XOR 12-24-48