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I am very interested in automatic music instruments, especially old ones. I've read everything I can get my hands on about Orchestrions, player pianos, organettes, barrel organs, band organs and the like, and I've visited the Nethercutt collection in Sylmar (the best collection of such instruments in Los Angeles) many times.

In 2016 I bought a Franklin Update / Ampico A reproducing piano and I started a number of projects which involve this piano.

My hero, Athanasius Kircher wrote a lot about some Baroque automatic instruments, including a water-powered organ, in his book Musurgia Universalis.

I'm also very interested in Algorithmic Music Composition, something I did a bit of at CalArts. Not too long ago I found out about an old automatic instrument called the Componium, one of the first Orchestrions, that was capable of automatic music composition.


I did some research on it, and discovered that the number of musical variations it was capable of is miscalculated in pretty much every book on the subject, and I wrote a paper about my findings, Variations of the Componium which provides the correct number.