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I've been making software at Disney for over 4 years, currently at Walt Disney Imagineering R&D. I've been making software not at Disney for much longer than that, having worked for Time Warner, Yahoo, Topspin, Pittard-Sullivan, The Palace and others.

I created the Whitney Music Box, the Wheel of Stars, the Wheel of Lunch, other things involving wheels. Also The Palace, Cheese-Toast, and numerous other software creations. I co-wrote the book Flickr Hacks. I give away Logic Puzzles and blog semi-annually at

I studied music composition years ago at CalArts, where I had a lot of fun with Reel-to-reel tape and Modular Synthesizers. I play Keyboards in a cover band The Retrofits and sing bass in an a cappella group The Ha'Penny Singers.

I was briefly Mayor of the North Pole.

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I can be contacted via this contact form