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I used to do quite a bit of Flash programming, but it's been a while since I've used Flash regularly. I'm mostly using HTML5/Canvas and Processing.js these days, for the same kinds of tasks. I started a tutorial blog over at Joy of Processing.

In 2003 I started teaching myself Flash actionscript and made a number of amusing software toys in Flash. Many of the programs I had originally written in Java, such as the tasteless Charles Manson Tamagotchi, I ported to Flash. The flash equivalents of these java programs have better performance and load much faster.

I used to teach an actionscript programming class to high school kids in the Los Angeles area, as well as an adult advanced class at Art Center.

My website, The Bestiary, contains many of the Flash movies I have made (complete with source code), and I was a moderator of the actionscript forum at flashkit.com.