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Since 2006 I have been publishing logic puzzles at krazydad.com. I started with Sudoku puzzles, a fad which had finally hit the Americas that year, and then branched out into other logic puzzles that I could generate with code. At the time of this writing [2015], the website gets about 6200 visitors a day, although that number has been very gradually declining over the past 3 years, perhaps due to the marked decline in popularity of Sudoku itself, as well as the aging of my audience.

I continue to construct and publish new logic puzzles periodically, and recently introduced a large collection of Interactive puzzles to my website (previously, I only provided PDF puzzles for printing).

In the course of building out this website, I have created a few new puzzle varieties, which I've gotten published in Games magazine.

Krypto Kakuro is a Kakuro variant, in which the numbers are encrypted, and you must both solve the puzzle, and figure out the encryption.


Variety Slitherlink is a Slitherlink puzzle which uses a non-square grid. Among my first of this type is the Penrose Slitherlink, which uses Penrose tilings.


I asked for and received permission from Roger Penrose to use this tiling.