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Hello, I'm Jim Bumgardner, a Los Angeles-based hacker, musician and charter member of the Society of Dilettantes.

I make software at Disney. I created the Whitney Music Box, the Wheel of Stars, the Wheel of Lunch, other things involving wheels. Also The Palace, Cheese-Toast, and numerous other software creations. I co-wrote the book Flickr Hacks, and a variety of Puzzle Paperbacks under the moniker 'Krazydad'. I give away puzzles and blog semi-annually at Krazydad.com. I make free puzzles, including sudoku, killer sudoku, kakuro, and mazes which are enjoyed by inmates of correctional institutions, bored ladies, the idle poor, and retirees the world over. I've worked for Time Warner, Yahoo, Topspin and others. I play Gymnopedies and other piano music every now and again at local open mics. I play in a Jethro Tull cover band called The Retrofits. I studied music composition years ago at CalArts. I was briefly Mayor of the North Pole.

In short, I have diverse interests which aren't always easily categorized, and could probably fill a small wiki. You can read about a few of them by clicking on the links below, or reading my blog.

This website has been around since 1997, and I haven't maintained it actively in years. Much of the content herein, therefore, is out-of-date and/or quaintly constructed. Consider yourself warned!

If you would like to send me an email, address it to jbumnull@nulljbum.nullcom. If you are trying to sell me something, I will probably ignore your email. If you do not know me personally, and you call my phone, I will be unsympathetic.