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Palace Stuff

Visit my once consuming passion, The Palace, itself.

A collection of old pictures, design documents, memos and speeches to help document the early history of The Palace

A recent e-mail I wrote which contains a detailed answer to the question "How did the Palace get started?"

A 1997 palace-related interview at Zenda's Minds Palace.,

A palace-related interview can be found at palaceplanet.com.

(11/99) Tod Foley interviewed me for the premiere (Nov/99) issue of INCHAT magazine

C|Net's download.com profiled me some years ago as King of the Palace.

Read an interview with yours truly by "interminable psychologist" John Suler, of Rider University. In addition to some gratuitous flattery, this article contains some interesting revelations about the original design of The Palace.

Read some interesting articles about The Palace and other metaworlds, mostly concentrating on the social and psychological aspects of these virtual communities.

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