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This website, my first personal website, has been around since 1997, and you can view earlier incarnations of it in the Wayback machine, if you're really bored.

It has gone through a few major phases.

The most recent change was in 2015, when I converted the whole thing to a Wiki (albeit a Wiki with a single contributor). My reasons were the following:

  • I thought it would be easier to maintain it as a loose network of ideas, rather than a simple 2-3 level hierarchy, and allow me to cover more tangential subjects.
  • I have already built a pretty massive network of ideas and musings in Evernote, and I could transfer a little of that stuff over here, since the structure is similar.
  • It would absolve me of the responsibility of writing its markup (the markup on the old versions of the site kept growing out-of-date).

Here are some older versions of the website:




From about 2002 to 2012 the site was largely ignored, as most of my efforts were going into Krazydad.com, which gets a lot more traffic. Eventually, I decided it was useful to use this site as a deeper catalog of my interests, for people who care about that stuff. That effort eventually led me to converting the site to a Wiki, its present form.