A Little Palace History

The following are a few excerpts from my collection of early-Palace related documents and other items of historical interest.

Unless otherwise specified, the document was written by yours truly.

The original palace proposal and the accompanying illustration (7/94)

An email I sent which describes how the palace originally got started at Time Warner Interactive (email written in October 2002).

The first floor plan, prepared for Damon Williams as a guide for room concepts (7/94)

Palace via IRC?? This actually (sorta) worked, but was then abandoned.(9/94)

Early Palace Precepts - The "Palace Philosphy"(11/94)

Memo from the first inter-company Palace "Demo" (1/95)

Proposed Feature List (1/95)

Early Room List (1/95)

A Graph showing mansion server usage in early 1996 (4/96)

Images from a 1997 Palace Party in Portland

Images from a 1997 Palace Party in Las Vegas

Text and Slides from a 1997 speech I delivered about the palace to a Cable/Broadband convention in San Diego.

The 1997 version of my homepage

The 2000 version of my homepage

The 2002 version of my homepage

The current version of my homepage